Have HTC future-proofed the official car cradle for the One?

A while back I reviewed the official HTC In-Car Smartphone Cradle for the HTC One. In my review I mentioned the fact that the part which holds the phone to the arm of the cradle actually detaches when twisted. I suggested this may be so that it could be used as a basic case or possibly in case of breakage it being a simple part to replace.

However, I’ve recently been wondering if this is in design to be able to offer replacement ‘holders’ for varying devices? With the announcement of ‘The All-New One’ looming, could we also see them announce that a replacement holder will be available for those who already have the original car dock? This would certainly be good for the consumer if it were the case. We’ll just have to wait and see, but as an owner of the original, I’d much rather pay £10 to replace the holder than fork out another £45 (original price).

I will be attending the London launch on the 25th March for HTC’s newest flagship where I will no doubt be tweeting… Especially if my prediction comes into fruition.

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