Review: HTC Double Dip Flip Case for HTC One


The case in the most part on the outside is made from a leather like material to give it an expensive feel and look, there is the “htc” name pressed into the front flip. This wraps around the main body of the phone to the back. The wrap-around although material feel to touch, is surprisingly quite solid with some pliability but not enough to feel like it would not support the phone during an impact. A good balance in my opinion.

The top and bottom parts (as well as camera lens/flash cutouts) are made of polycarbonate to ensure if dropped this maximises the protection offered, these edges wrap around the corners of the phone holding it in place as well as giving protection if dropped onto the side. There are extra cutouts for the speakers to allow uninterrupted BoomSound, and cutouts for the USB port, mic and power button. The right-hand side of the phone is left open to the elements, but if it were dropped on this side, the polycarbonate edges should minimise impact with the surface.

Inside is a red micro-fibre cloth material which is a soft furry feel, but nice and will help prevent scratches and also could be used to wipe the screen if needed.

The phone is held quite tightly in between the polycarbonate edges and (although I haven’t tried) I would feel pretty certain that this should hold it in the case during a drop.

Overall usage, is good. It stands the phone well and it’s easy to manipulate the angle. However, in doing so it does leave some ‘stretch marks’ in the folds which is understandable for the material. As mentioned by others, if you leave the phone in the standing position for too long it does leave the front flip not fully closing as the joints have obviously settled to the open position. But after a while it does close flush to the phone screen again as there is a little weight to the front cover.


My only real concern is that the front flip is not locked into position, so if the phone lands face down and the flip opened during the fall you could damage the screen, so protection for this area is lacking and I would recommend buying the HTC One Screen Protector to give that additional protection.


Well designed, feels like a quality product that offers ample protection for the occasional bumps that might happen. Ideal for the likes of office workers who want their phone to be stood up, or while at home to be used as a stand for media playing etc. If however you are clumsy or work in a manual industry that means your phone will be prone to drops, bumps in the pocket etc then I’m not sure this will offer a long-term solution for continuous protection. You’d be better off getting the HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell case.

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