Review: Anker High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI


First off, I’m not a gamer. However I have Anker products and this is a brand I trust, so getting this mouse as a replacement to my ‘dumb’ mouse was really an easy decision and I would recommend this to anyone.

While slightly larger than my old mouse it fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. The grip point by the thumb is a nice addition to ensure your thumb sits nicely in the right spot with the customisable buttons neatly resting above (the middle button above the thumb also has some ridges to help easily identify which button is which without looking). The mouse glides well over any surface and doesn’t seem to collect grime on the pads as easily as my old mouse. As mentioned in TdHD’s review the Anker logo light is completely customisable to be off or have different breathing speeds and colours. The other lights can only change colour (scroll wheel & DPI lights). While the mouse to me was a little light, the addition of a few supplied weights helped tailor this mouse to be just right for me which is a welcome option. Overall a well built, well designed quality mouse which has already raised a few glances and comments in my office.

As mentioned, I am not a PC gamer… But, I do use a PC a lot for Spreadsheets, VBA, all sorts of other stuff. Sometimes I demonstrate what I am doing and it’s not easy to have the keyboard at hand. By changing the defaults of some of the button clicks I now have direct access to all of my needed tasks directly by my hand, i.e. highlight the text, click a button on the mouse – text is copied. Click a cell somewhere else, click another button – pasted. Fantastic! While I have no real use for the macro record button (hence why I changed the behaviour) I can see that this would be an excellent option for gamers to easily record a melee attack or any other multi-key stroke behaviour which could give an upper-hand in a game.

Installation was a simple plug and play, then off to the ianker website to download the latest drivers in order to customise the mouse. Once installed it’s very intuitive to navigate and select what you want to change.

Ideal users – Obviously gamers. But I will add that anyone who uses keyboard shortcuts, precision software (i.e. photoshop for fine editing thanks to the higher DPI) or just anyone who wants to stand out a little more with a funky mouse sat on their desk will benefit from the features on offer with this mouse. Also of note is that you can have 2 different profiles, so whilst it’s not a quick fix to change the weight of the mouse it’s simple to setup a profile for 2 people who use a computer and each have your own personal settings configured. Another option would be to say have one profile setup for Windows general (copy, paste, windows button etc.) and another profile for Photoshop with buttons set for shortcuts to certain tasks (or for gamers, a Windows profile, and a WoW etc. profile).

Overall for the price this is on offer for I really don’t think you could get much better… Even if you don’t need the higher DPI rate (which other mice in this class are much more expensive), it’s a useful ability to have. Especially with the toggle button to quickly go between 4 customisable made variables. I’ve used the word customisable a lot in this review, and this mouse is exactly that. With the ability to change the weight, lighting, button press functions, DPI, scroll speed/acceleration it really means you can do what you want,when you want. Kudos to Anker for the quality of the product in a price range that needs no second-thought on purchasing. Seriously, if you are reading this then you must be interested in the product (or looking for a mouse of sorts). You won’t find anything better in it’s class and I would suggest the ‘Buy now’ or ‘Add to basket’ button should be the next one you click.

This Anker Mouse is currently available for £25.99 on

Review: Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0 to HDMI / DVI Adapter


OK, so I have an older laptop (must be about 6 years old now). As such I do not have HDMI out or DVI Out, if I want to connect to the TV I have to use VGA…. But my TV doesn’t support an audio-in as well as VGA. Problem!

So while I don’t need to connect the Laptop to the the TV regularly, Media streaming is accomplished through a NAS and X-Box360 combo. It is still handy to be able to connect the laptop for watching videos with encoders that cannot be played through the X-Box directly such as mkv.

All you need to do is visit the DisplayLink website to download the latest drivers (I decided to just do this direct and not use the pre-packed driver disc to ensure I was running the latest from the start). Once done, plug the device in and let the drivers install, then I plugged it into the TV a violla. Perfect picture and sound on my TV either as an extension to my homescreen or as a duplicate.

I could not be happier, it was so easy to do and the adapter in itself is not huge to become an annoyance if taking it away with you. The added DVI adapter would come in use for those with HDMI ports already taken up on your TV and do not want to unplug, or want to permanently set your PC to the TV as you can just use DVI port instead of HDMI for not much sacrifice in quality.

The only negative I could have for this (and this is more a personal issue) is the length of the USB cable could be a little longer for me to save pulling the pre-existing HDMI cable a bit more out from the cable tidy. But this is really my own issue, so is not impacted on my score for the product.

Nice product, well thought-out and excellent quality as always. Thanks Anker!

Review: Anker Astro E4 13000mAh External Battery Charger Power Bank


Well what can I say, this is truly a monster. If you are going away on a trip for a few days (or are packing a bag for a day trip) this is an essential device to take.

In the box you get the battery bank, cable and attachments for a micro USB, Mini USB and also for an iPod. The battery is suitably heavy and this should be expected for something of its capacity. Don’t buy this expecting something you can carry in a pocket to give you a bit of a boost if you may need it. It’s too big for just carrying around ‘in case’. This is for when you KNOW you’ll need to recharge your device(s)!


I won’t go into too much detail as it’s a pretty standard battery bank. No bells and whistles, but what I will say is this will charge a device many times over and the ability to charge 2 at once is a great feature. I often travel with work to other countries, and this will be a god-send for when I’m using my phone to watch video’s or listen to music while flying and need to recharge. I will now easily be able to carry this in my flight bag and recharge my HTC One at least 4 to 5 times over!

This is a great quality product from a great company. I can’t praise Anker highly enough for all products I have from them, the build is exceptional and the practicality offered is unsurpassable.


If like me you travel lots then this is a must have to keep in your travel bag…. just note that it will take several hours to re-charge. From a full discharge it will take 8/9 hours to fully recharge if using an AC adapter, this will obviously be longer if charging via a USB port on a computer!


Review: Anker High-Precision Wireless Mouse


This mouse is currently on sale for £10 on… Yep, £10 for a wireless mouse which has multiple dpi switch, 6 buttons, 10 metre range and an 18 month battery life (obviously the battery life will depend on the quality of battery you install and how much you use it).

The mouse is just the right size (in fact it’s a normal mouse size, i hate those tiny portable mice). When you open the box all you need to do is put an AA battery in the mouse (battery not included) and plug the USB into a port on your computer. Drivers are installed automatically and in a matter of half a minute you’re good to start using it.

The USB is small enough that it fits into a handy receptacle in the base of the mouse, the only concern I have with this is it doesn’t quite seem snug enough that I’ll not worry about it coming loose and losing it. I would have liked this to be a bit of a tighter fit or to have some form of lock to keep it in place when not in use. This is especially prevalent for me as I already have a wired Anker mouse at my desk: Anker® High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Button, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches, so this wireless mouse is going to be kept in my laptop bag ready to be used when on the road.


Other than that it feels great in the hand and to use. It glides effortlessly over most surfaces and the 10 metre range is a good estimate.

If you are after a wireless mouse and you don’t want to spend too much then this really is a great bargain. Seriously, grab it quick before Anker notice and bump the price up 🙂

Review: Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0 7-Port Hub + 2 Charging Ports


With all the gadgets and peripherals for our computers we’re running out of USB Ports with which to add new devices to. Fed up of having to unplug something in order to connect your Blackberry, USB Flash drives etc? I know I was. So this is a godsend as my laptop Docking station only has 3 available USB ports for which to connects to. Mouse & keyboard take 2. That leaves just one for my phone , USB memory or anything else to connect. This is especially a pain when trying to charge both my work Blackberry and my personal phone.

Now I have an additional 6 USB Ports with which I can connect (one of the PC ports is obviously taken up by the hub). On top of this, there are also 2 separate ports which are used only for charging a device. So if I want my phone to charge faster and do not need it to be connected to the PC in USB Host mode, I can connect it to one of these and it just accepts a charge which has more power output than running through a standard USB port.

On to the unit itself. The station is slim at just 1.5cm height and is well designed and built. You can see from the product pictures it is a sleek black box and it just oozes class. The shiny top is somewhat distracting as it’s a little reflective, but in a way I like it as it does make it look a little more expensive than a standard matte finish would give. On the top is also an led indicator for each port to show when something is connected and live. These indicators are recessed within the unit itself, so when not connected you just see a pure black slab. Nice! Be warned, the mirrored finish does mean it is prone to fingerprints and does show dust quite easily.

My main gripe with this hub is that all the PC USB ports are on the front of the unit. I would have preferred a split of maybe 4 ports on the rear, and 3 on the front. It can look a little untidy if you plug cables into the ports as it has to come out and then hook back leaving the front not as clean as I would have liked. Having 4 of them on the rear would have been a tidier option, with 3 ports at the front for non-cable based USB devices such as dongles, flash drives etc.

On the right hand side of the unit you have 2 charge ports. One for 2.1A output and a second for 1.5A, this means that it should be capable of charging any USB chargeable devices currently on the market. Even able to charge 2 at once if required!

I will also point out that this is backward compatible with all your standard 2.0 USB devices so there will be no issues if you need to use either. I am actually using this at work, and my current system doesn’t have a 3.0 port so cannot comment on performance. However, from other reviews I’ve read of this the performance given transferring a file is just as fast as directly into the PC. So I have no worries about when I upgrade that I will lose out on some performance by using this.

I have had in the past several usb hubs, this is by far the best looking and best built. Previous hubs I’ve had tend to be unsightly and look quite plasticy and I’ve tried to hide them away. This one however is taking pride of place on my desk! The ports look like they will withstand the time of plugging in and unplugging, and the recessed LED indicator on the mirrored top really gives an extra nice touch.

One point to note, there is a power on button next to the AC input. I missed this and not reading the instructions wondered why it wasn’t connecting to my PC. Make sure once plugged in, you press this button for a couple of seconds to activate the hub.

In Summary: If you want a well built hub with enough ports for most needs then you cannot go wrong with this. It will sit nicely on the desk and the rubber feet help grip it to reduce any movement. Except for the point I made about the placement of the ports this is a must have and I can now easily connect multiple devices without having to chop and change what is plugged in. The ports are well spread out with a decent enough gap between them to allow for slightly wider USB devices to be plugged in without affecting others (which is a common problem on Laptops especially).


I can finally have my Mouse, Keyboard, HTC One 32GB UK SIM Free Smartphone – Silver, Blackberry, Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker sync dongle and USB Flash all connected at the same time! Thank you Anker!!!!!